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The Lamplighters

As co-founders of Lamplighter Xlll, an independent, artist-driven entertainment company, Shannon Denise Evans and Michael Mendiola create and develop authentic, emotionally resonant stories that explore the human experience.



Shannon Denise Evans is a creator, author, screenwriter, playwright, composer, songwriter, lyricist, vocalist, choreographer, and actor. She grew up on a small island outside of Seattle, Washington, before moving to New York to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.  

Shannon has written four full-length plays, The Oz Factor, Psychoma, Subsistence, and Velvet Moon Chronicles. The latter of which was turned into a novel series, with the first book, Velvet Moon Chronicles: The Leveling, a psychological-fantasy-thriller, having been published to rave reviews. Velvet Moon Chronicles was then turned into an award-winning, webisode series written by Shannon and her creative partner, Michael Mendiola, with Shannon producing, and she and Michael Mendiola co-directing. The second novel in the Velvet Moon Chronicles series, The Acceptance, is underway. Prior to the publication of her first novel, Shannon published a non-fiction work, What the Mountains Know: Life, Unstuck, a book about learning to live fearlessly.

As a musician, Shannon has produced, written, composed, and performed lead vocals on two studio albums under the name, SAVARRE. Her latest EP, Blood, has been released to glowing reviews, specifically calling out her emotional depth, soulful sound, vocal agility, and multi-layered songwriting.

An avid director, choreographer and performer, Shannon has worked on numerous productions throughout a variety of mediums. Most recently, she directed, wrote, produced, choreographed, and performed in four full-length music videos for her upcoming EP.

Shannon is a member of the Writers Guild of America, SAG-AFTRA, The Dramatists Guild, AEA, Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, American Guild of Musical Artists, Songwriters Guild of America, Society of Composers and Lyricists and the American Federation of Musicians.